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Inaugural James Squire Chef’s Match Competition

Sydney’s most creative chefs are about to unleash a feast of culinary sensations with the launch of James Squire Chef’s Match, a competition held from the 6th to 31st August 2007.
In an Australian first, twenty chefs will go head-to-head to create the perfect flavour-filled pairing of great Australian food and James Squire beers. But, perhaps the tastiest part of the competition is that each of these flavour-filled pairings will be available at the participating venues at a great combination price, during August.
Sydneysiders will be spoilt for choice with 10 gastro pubs and 10 restaurants each matching one entrée and one main dish with different James Squire beers. Judging for the James Squire Chef’s Match will be based on three categories – flavour, innovation and passion.

Check out the website for participating venues & chefs.

Regional Achievement and Community Awards

The Awards encourage, acknowledge and reward valuable contributions and outstanding achievements of individuals, networks and groups in regional and rural areas.

The focus of the awards is small to medium size businesses, organisations involved in promoting the community through events and tourism, individuals providing leadership and initiative and community groups enhancing the social, economic, commercial and environmental prosperity of their region.

Close of nominations:    Friday 3rd August 2007     
Judging:   Thursday 20th September 2007     
Awards Presentation:    Saturday 24th November 2007

YoungGuns International Advertising Award

YoungGuns along with Two Flat Whites understand the mental and physical suffering that young creatives go through to get their talent recognized. There is an opportunity for you to be named “YoungGun of the Year” and win US$20,000 to celebrate.

As an YGAward Winner and Finalist your work will be showcased on the YoungGuns site, appear in the YGAward annual and form the YG Travelling Exhibition (Sydney, Auckland, Singapore, Japan, Johannesburg, London, New York, and LA). It is worth the pain to get your talent seen all over the world by your peers, creative directors and potential employers.

Entries Open: Wednesday 1 August 2007
Entries Close: Friday 12 October 2007
Shortlist: Thursday 29 November, 2007
2007 Winners and Finalists Announced: Thursday 6 December, 2007


This concept is not a contest but an international challenge bringing together more than 50 artists, famous or not and carefully picked up. The challenge is to share ideas, concepts, moods and styles of very differents talented artists coming from all over the globe in ONE COMMON SKETCHBOOK.

The distinctiveness of this sketchbook is that artist will not have to send a sketch, a drawing or a painting to a publisher : instead, a real sketchbook will travel from one artist to another during one year.

Festival of Contemporary Art

Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre and the Australian National University School of Art Gallery present Festival of Contemporary Art (FOCA) . Catch the festival which ends on the 26th August 2007.

Come and see the spectacle of current art practices as artists cannily portray today’s world by responding to the theme IN PUBLIC. This festival expounds on cyberspace knitted constructions, parallels of war and sport, and the unfiltered and inspired moments of the private realms.

We catch up with DJ G Wizard for an interview!

Two Flat Whites were lucky enough to recently catch up with DJ G Wizard for an interview. DJ G Wizard entered the world of turn-tables, late night parties & crowd rocking in 1994. Since then he has travelled the world, studied, produced, started his own studio & continues to thrill the masses. You can catch up with DJ G Wizard here.

If you sign an autograph what do you write? And where do you call home?

Just a simple DJ G-Wizard Tag, the year, and the words ‘Thank you’. Home is Sydney Australia where I was born and raised!

In your own words, what do you do?

Dam… I’m not even sure anymore! In a nutshell, I’m a full time Pro Dj maintaining balance between traveling and doin my club dj sets across Australia. Working on my CD mix projects with Warner Music, being on air 3 days a week and as an audio engineer, along with running my recording studio on a day to day basis providing a top-notch recording and mastering service to Artists, major labels and major radio networks.

Childhood Memories:

TV Show – Welcome Back Cotter

Hobby – T-shirts and Sneakers – Buyin ‘em, wearin ‘em, collecting ‘em

Food – Yum Cha

Fear – Fear of losing loved ones.

People – My Best Friend leaving for the army

Defining moment – Discovering Paul Newman’s Ranch Dressing

Schooling memories, chore or cherished?

Chore – lets face it everyone hated school!

From the hours of 9am to 5pm, what do you get up to?

Wake up, quick shower and get to the studio by about 10.30. On a usual day i’ll get in and spend an hour or so bouncing emails and checkin if any new music has been sent. You know, scoping the days to-do’s before getting started.

After that I start working on my weekly load of radio ads that I produce for clients. From about 2 till evening I’m pre-recording my mixes for radio, liaising with my booking agents and promoters locking away my club shows and gigs, working with Warner music requesting and clearing the copyrights for material used on the current CD release.

And last but not least conceptualizing and programming the next CD release and lay down some recording!

Where can people see you perform?

I’m at ONE WORLD SPORT most Wednesdays and Friday nights! On the weekends I do a shit load of guest spots at TANK, V-BAR, SKY GARDEN, PUMP HOUSE, RED ROOM, QBH MELBOURNE, ROLLIN ROCK NOOSA, GLASS HOUSE, FANNYS NEWCASTLE, and RNB SUPERCLUBS across Australia. Check MYSPACE.COM/DJGWIZARD for current confirmed gigs and CD Tour dates.

For love or money?

LOVE most definitely

What future endeavors are in the pipeline?

Getting my record label established and working on international collab projects. Can’t say too much at this stage but O’seas is most likely to be on the cards with an international guest spot schedule….

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

At the top of my game with all my ventures running themselves, havin a lil son who I can bounce on my knee in the studio, taking it easy living off royalty cheques and holidaying 6 months a year!

If you could invite 3 people to chat over coffee, who would they be & why?

George Bush and Two Hit Men…. Paint the picture!

Coffee or Tea?

Tea, no Milk

The Avon Descent White Water Event

Attracting international competitors, the Avon Descent is the world’s longest white water event. Catch all the action in Toodyay and enjoy the International Food Festival on the banks of the river on Saturday 4th August.

Delight your tastebuds with food from all over the globe. Free entertainment for the children, music for all on the banks of the Avon River.

Bay Run 2007


The Bay Run fun run is a community event that brings people together in the name of health, fun and exercise. Whether you’re a walker, runner or just beginning a fitness program, there are events for everyone. Enter a team if you have three friends who can keep up. Or bring along your dog and take on the challenge of “fastest dog in the Inner West”.

The Bay Run course follows the shores of beautiful Iron Cove. So get down there on Sunday, 29th July 2007. Registration opens from 6:45am.

SMS a thing of the past?

The days of SMS are numbered now that mobile email access is becoming a commodity, research firm Gartner says. Long the preserve of businessmen in power suits, mobile email is about to hit the masses with one in five email users accessing their accounts wirelessly by 2010, according to Gartner.


Technology is an amazing thing. We seem to rely on technology in most facets of our lives, some say more than we should. Whether it’s at home, work or play, it is part of our everyday lives. Take work for example, we lost two full days of productivity recently because of the systems failing. The other down side to technology is the rate it is expanding. It’s costly to keep up to date at times.

On the flip side, technology has certainly improved lives as well. It has improved science, hospitals & safety to just name a few. So, whether you have embraced technology or are hesitant to start, it is part of life today, so take the plunge!

Read the report on SMS technology here.

Desktop Create Awards 2007


Welcome to the Desktop Create Awards 2007 People’s Choice Awards. Get interactive and express your opinion. Vote and go into the draw to win an Apple MacBook Pro!

Though we may have a team of esteemed judges lined up to choose the winner of each of the eight categories in the Create Awards, this year we thought we should give the art and design community at large the chance to decide for themselves who they thought is the stand-out entrant in 2007.

An exhibition of the top entries is to be held from the 16th to 30th August at the Paper Shadow Gallery (34 Franklin St, Melbourne) and you’ll be able to vote at the exhibition itself, online or via sms for who you think should win the People’s Choice Award for 2007.

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