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Snowy River Festival 2007

The iconic men and women from the ‘Snowy River of yesteryear’ were renowned for their indomitable spirit and ‘Never-say-die’ attitude. That spirit is still alive and kicking in the High Country today. The festival runs from the 16th November to 18th November 2007.

With all-day B.B.Q’s and full bar facilities on Saturday and Sunday this truly is a non-stop good ‘ol fashioned Aussie celebration not to be missed!!!

Sunny Cowgirls will be performing at the Snowy River Festival on Saturday the 17 November 2007. Australians love a good yarn and The Sunny Cowgirls are supreme storytellers.

Imagine Flintstones flying, perspiration flowing, every muscle working to breaking point as horse and rider work as one to utilize every ounce of skill they can muster. Their horsemanship (and womanship!) passed down through the generations, has brought them here today, to fight tooth and nail for this Stockman’s title.

You are invited to enter the Snowy River Festival ‘Snowprint’ Poetry Competition. Poets will be required to perform their work at Dalgety Saturday the 17th November 2007, or allow it to be read by the MC, with a winners circle on Sunday 18th November 2007.

Thirtysomethings & the baby boom!

The nation’s fertility rate is at its highest level in 12 years, with about 265,900 babies born last year. But it is women between 30 and 34 who are having more babies than any other age group, and more than their age group has had in the past 43 years, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics figures released yesterday.

But an infertility specialist at IVF Australia, Michael Chapman, said yesterday women were putting their parenthood plans at risk because priorities had changed in the past 40 years, with many more focused on building careers and buying property. “Women and men are putting childbearing on hold because they want to have stability in their careers and be financially stable,” Professor Chapman said. “A lot of people live by the fallacious view that they can put off childbirth until they are older and then science or technology can save them when this does not hold true.”

The medical director of Family Planning NSW, Dr Christine Read, said most women wanted to explore career and partner options before having a child. “In my day, you decided on your partner early. Now men feel that they want to be committed and settled down [before they have a child] and women usually feel that they desire freedom to explore all of their options”.

The ABS also revealed that the average age for first-time mothers is now 31, which is the highest figure ever recorded. Read more here.

DEFCON Dance Music Festival 2007

DEFCON will energise three arenas on the banks of the Yarra River. In the shadows of the Melbourne CBD, a selection of the finest modern performers and a battery of special effects have been recruited to deliver this ‘Urban Military’ entertainment exercise, the first of it’s kind in Melbourne.

The event is going to stand out from the other music festivals held in Australia as it is going to feature a unique feel whereby the crowd, the marquees, the stages, decorations, and event the security are going to follow a theme set by ghaki greens, camouflage painted banners, military sand bags, nets and storage drums and at the same time retaining the original flavour of summer celebrations.

The festival takes a punter on a “mission”. A mission to dance, celebrate, and enjoy the first days of summer. Join in the fun on Saturday, 10th November 2007.

Ghostpatrol: written by Carla Clark

Maybe you’ve seen an animal plastered across a wall when wandering around Melbourne’s hip suburb (and my home) Fitzroy. Or maybe you’ve been to one of his many exhibitions across Melbourne. Ghostpatrol is street art, but different. He’s not about tagging or defacing public property. He uses a curious mixture of inspiration; colour and medium seems to be derived from his surroundings. A piece of his art never looks out of place.

It was my birthday two years ago when I discovered Ghostpatrol. I had the day off work and wandered around the quiet streets of Melbourne on a warm September day. His work was more subtle in the streets of Melbourne at that stage. I’d see a small character, sometimes a male and female with peculiar heads and would wonder who made this interesting art. Eventually I found something that linked the art to the name Ghostpatrol and I searched the World Wide Web. I found him at

In a laneway around the corner from my apartment is a huge paint spread along a wall measuring about 8 metres. Featuring some of his most well known characters, the bear instantly stands out. A collaboration between a few artists, I saw Ghostpatrol there on a quiet Saturday painting this extraordinary artwork. Scared to say hello, I emailed him the following week praising him for what I think is a great addition to my neighbourhood.

Check out his next exhibition in Melbourne. It’s called ‘Wild Things’ at Forty Five Downstairs, Flinders Lane, City from the  29th November to 8th December 2007.

In Your Face exhibition!

A photographic portrait projectStone Gallery on Oxford
395 Oxford Street, Paddington
25th October – 4th November 2007

An exhibition and documentary that explore the relationship between the photographer and the camera.
Opening night and documentary screening

7.30 – 9.30pm
Thursday 25th October 2007
Opening hours

Friday 26th Oct till Sunday 4th Nov

Contact wing {at} wingdingo(.)com 0412 023 742 for the showing times.

The Prophecy of the Rainbow Warriors


The Prophecy of the Rainbow Warriors written by Angela Berenger. 

Another one of those cliché Spiritual Rambles brewing before your rolling eyes or is it a spark that arouses your thoughts, keep on reading and make your own mind up, all that is needed is an open mind and an expansive look around at the World we are living in… 

The Prophecy of the Rainbow Warrior is widespread throughout the Native tribes that have spoke of the Rainbow Warriors; from the Hopi, Cree, Sioux and Cherokee Native American Tribes to the Ancient Hawaiian Islands and even in Spain, Symbols of Humans with a Rainbow over their head have been found in the South Eastern Coastal region, dated back to 4,500 BC. 

For those who have heard about the Prophecy of the Rainbow Warriors from the Native American Hopi Tribe or maybe you would prefer or can relate to the story told by an old Woman of the Native Cree Tribe; the message and story they speak of imparts the same message to those who are content to listen and respect the ways of our Native Ancestors.  For those who are not familiar with this prophecy handed down from the Native Tribal Generations; the Prophecy speaks of the future from their insight, that there will be a great sadness on our precious Earth as greed of the white Man controls our very existence and fate steps up to deliver great loss.  “The fish will die in the streams, birds will fall from the skies, our waters will be darkened and the mighty trees will fall.”

However the Prophecy goes on to tell that there will be a rise; a generation, of humans destined to become ‘The Rainbow Warriors’ being born across all corners of the Globe, from all four races, who have come to the Earth to teach and sweep messages of Love in their daily lives; how to Love and retrain people’s thoughts and hearts to respect the Earth and Love one another without prejudice, jealousy or rage.  The Rainbow Warriors will spread Love, Peace and Harmony from all four corners of this precious Earth. 

The Rainbow Warrior’s minds and hearts will be open with uncorrupted thoughts, which will find beauty and a renewed strength to walk and utilise their gifted knowledge in their everyday lives.  The Beauty of Nature will be ripen once again as the waters run clear, the forests would glow in abundance and the animals and birds will once again flourish and roam free.  We would become One as Bothers and Sisters, caring for one another unselfishly and purely.

The children born from the Generation of the Rainbow Warriors will unknowingly yet intuitively once again feel the freedom to enjoy our Miraculous Mother Earth and Father Sky, breathing in free air and living without intentional Human destructive patterns. 

However, the Rainbow Warriors would not be without difficulties as the Prophecy further states “There will be terrifying mountains of ignorance to conquer and they shall find prejudice and hatred.  They must remain dedicated and unwavering in Inner Strength’.    Others will come upon the Warriors and wish to join them in their journey and become one with them as they travel through mountains of life’s obstacles and joys to experience the gratitude of restoring the Beauty and Abundance to our Mother Earth that we visiting as its most gracious guests.

So whether or not you choose to embrace and delve into the ideals of the Prophecy of the Rainbow Warriors, it is your right to turn your heads away free from judgement; it only takes a moment to take a look around us to see the state of our Mother Earth and how we are living.  This provides a taster for those who wish to study or further look into the Prophecy at their own leisure or curiosity.  As some may ponder deeper thinking into the Prophecy of the Rainbow Warriors; how do we wish to pass our precious Earth onto our future Generations and leave our delicate footprints on its sands for others to learn and live their lives with respect and love for one another and all its wondrous surroundings.

Young Chef and Waiter Awards Announced

Luke Mangan and Lucy Allon, the Directors of the Lexus Young Chef & Young Waiter Award in conjuction with Two Flat Whites are pleased to announce the 2007 winners of the Lexus Young Chef and Lexus Young Waiter Award.

They also announced the addition of a new category, Lexus Young Restaurateur to be launched in 2009, and a new program titled, the Lexus Appetite for Excellence awards.

The 2007 Lexis Young Chef Winner is Melanie Gowers from the Adelaide Convention Centre. The Lexus Young Chef Runner-Up is Nicholas Hill from e’cco bistro in Brisbane.

The Lexus Young Waiter Winner is Jai Leighton from The Grange Restaurant, Hilton, South Australia. The runner up is Sarah Bartlett from Stillwater in Launceston,Tasmania.

A New Poetry Prize For Emerging Poets

Overland and the Malcolm Robertson Foundation have joined forces to create the Overland Magazine Judith Wright Prize for New and Emerging Poets, sponsored by the Malcolm Robertson Foundation.

Judith Wright, one of Australia’s greatest poets, had a long and fruitful connection with Overland, and her last published poem (which appeared in Overland 154 in 1999), was entitled ‘To Younger Poets’.

The prize of $2000, and two minor prizes of $250, will be awarded. Entries, with entry form, should be sent to the below address by the 2nd November 2007 & the winners will be announced in Overland 191, March 2008.

‘Overland Judith Wright Poetry Competition’
VU–Footscray Park
PO Box 14428

Hola Mexico Film Festival

NT Young Achiever Awards

The search is on for outstanding young Territorians in the fields of leadership, arts, sports, science and engineering, regional and rural initiative, community services, environment and career achievement. The NT Young Achiever Awards recognise those young Territorians who have contributed positively to their communities through their achievements. Nominate by 30 November 2007.

2007 Award Winners:

Tahnee Afuhaamango – Sports Award
Sashika Richards – Environment Award
Aaron Watson – Community Service Award
Janella Ebatarinja – Excellence in Youth Leadership Award
David Johnston – Science and Engineering Award
Janna Auricht – Regional and Rural Award
Ross Dullard – Career Award
Jessica Mauboy – Arts Award
Aaron Watson – 2007 Channel Nine Young Achiever of the Year

The overall Channel Nine Young Achiever of the Year for the Northern Territory receives a further $1,000. More information is available from the Office of Youth Affairs on 8999 3721, free call 1800 652 736, email oya {at}

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