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Dreamer or Doer: written by Tiger Bennett

Is it best to be a dreamer or is it best to be a doer? Actually, it is helpful to be both.

In all great creations, the idealistic exists with the pragmatic in elegant proportions. A dream is of little value unless you put action into it, and action won’t get you very far unless there is meaningful purpose behind it.
Allow yourself to dream grand, magnificent dreams that express the deepest essence of who you are. Then let those dreams pull you steadily through the practical, nuts-and-bolts work of making them real.

Work through each day with diligence and persistence, doing what there is to be done. And as you do, stay close to the dreamer that always lives within you. As a dreamer, you can envision a world and a life with no limits. As a doer, you can focus on something that has never existed before and make it real.

Let your most treasured dreams focus your actions and let your actions express your dreams. Be both a dreamer and a doer, and dive deeply into the multifaceted treasure that is your life. Have your say by submitting a comment or emailing Two Flat Whites.

The Blue Rinse Society

The Blue Rinse Society is a self made and distributed magazine with its first ever issue OUT NOW. Find it on various street corners and lovely shop floors. “We are the best tangent magazine in Sydney just for you”.

Our fabulous crew who work hard but are also very playful include Jaime – Editor/Creator, Steph – Editorial Assistant, Frances – Creative Director and ‘al la’ Nonda – PR & Scout Management. Our contributors for this issue include: Anna, Rania, Sinead, Claire and Isabella. A tap on the back for you smarties.

Want a copy? All you got to do is give us your name and address and we will send you a copy pronto. We do charge postage and handling – $5 within Australia, $7 outside of it. You can also join our mailing list where you automatically get a copy everytime a new issue comes out. NICE!

The Australian Vogel Literary Awards 2008

Andrew McGahanDo you dream of being a published writer? Enter Australia’s richest and most prestigious award for an unpublished manuscript.

The Australian/Vogel Literary Award is Australia’s richest and most prestigious award for an unpublished manuscript by a writer under the age of thirty-five and has launched the careers of some of its most successful writers, including Tim Winton, Kate Grenville, Gillian Mears, Brian Castro, Mandy Sayer and Andrew McGahan (pictured).

Vogel-winning authors have gone on to win or be shortlisted for other major awards, such as the Miles Franklin Award, the Commonwealth Writers Prize and the Booker Prize.

$50,000 cash prize in 2008
To celebrate 50 years of Vogel’s in Australia this year, sponsors Vogel’s increased the cash prize from $20,000 to $25,000. Allen & Unwin matched this – bringing the total award prize money for 2008 to $50,000 plus normal royalties from sales.

Entries are now open for 2008
Entrants must be below 35 years of age and must normally be residents of Australia. The manuscript submitted should be a work of fiction, Australian history or biography and must be an original work, entirely by the entrant and written in English. For more information, read the conditions of entry.

For more information, read the conditions of entry.

Download The Australian/Vogel Award entry form for 2008 (PDF).

Entries close 31 May 2008.

ClintonCharlie is hot!

High-fashion women’s label, ClintonCharlie, was founded in late 2005 by Sydney Fashion Designer Clint Webster. Working part-time for Sydney celebrity designer, Jason Chetcuti, whose past clients have included Jessica Simpson and Natalie Portman, Clint started gaining interest in couture dresses and women’s high-fashion and decided to develop his own label to accommodate his own unique style.

A year of sample making, customising and tailoring led Clint into the competitive women’s denim market, where he now boasts his “Booty Huggers” jeans as being the signature items of the ClintonCharlie label, with the first batch at the end of 2006 selling out in less than three weeks.

Successfully creating a more shapely look to a woman’s derrière, these jeans ensure a tight and snug fit, with no sagging or exposing of underwear when she sits down. They come in different cuts and washes and have become the new favourite jean of many women, including Nova 96.9’s Cal Wilson.

Interest in ClintonCharlie of late has come from Australian fashion magazines, local media and Clint’s most recent trip to New York has seen him secure an agent for the US market. His current project with Sydney model, Silvia Grenova, is also gaining interest, as together they are working on a high-fashion art movie for the attention of David Letterman.

Currently selling through one of the top five tourist attractions in Sydney, Paddington Markets, and through the ClintonCharlie online store, Clint is now ready to introduce ClintonCharlie to the global Fashion Industry. Australian sales or information at enquiries {at} clintoncharlie(.)com

The Paper Scissors chat with Two Flat Whites!

Hailing from Sydney, post-indie/soul four-piece, ‘The Paper Scissors’ first hit the national limelight in 2006 when their track ‘We Don’t Walk’ from their ‘The Paper Scissors EP’ which was picked up by FBI, JJJ and Rage. Their burgeoning reputation for frenetic, crowd-friendly, loud and tumultuous live shows, saw them hit stages nationwide with the release in 2007, of their debut LP ‘Less Talk, More Paper Scissors’ which assured their rapidly ascending position, both at home and abroad. If you haven’t heard The Paper Scissors, do yourself a favour & buy a copy of there album. This is one of Two Flat Whites favourite bands!

If you sign an autograph what do you write? And where do you call home?

I’m always confused as what to write on an autograph. I try to avoid ‘keep rocking’ or ‘keep on keeping on’, so usually just stick with ‘thanks heaps’ or if I have enough time to have a chat I will personalize it a bit more.

In your own words, what do you do?

I sing and play guitar in the paper scissors, I am the main songwriter and co run Our First Label, our label, as well as doing most of the web based stuff and the graphic design. I work in a café a few days a week to pay my rent.

Childhood Memories:

TV Show – Mr Squiggle. Loved that show, it was pretty weird and psychedelic, but at the same time creative.

Hobby – Was always drawing/painting, playing drums, also played cricket when I was a wee whipper snapper and basketball when I was a slightly larger child.

Food – Grew up with pretty wholesome hippy food. Was always good though, vegetarian food can go so wrong, but my mum is pretty good at it. Food and cooking have always been a pretty important part of my life, some of the best conversations I’ve had have been with my mum when cooking dinner together.

Fear – I always had this irrational fear that I’d get home from school and my family would be gone. Just packed up and left. I’m not sure what that’s all about.

People – Lots of musicians around all the time. I remember waking up and wanting to go back to bed because everyone would be hanging out and playing music and stuff.

Defining moment – When my parents won a lawnmower in a raffle, they then sold the lawnmower and bought me my first proper drum kit.

Schooling memories, chore or cherished?

Primary pretty cherished, went to a community school with only 50 kids, lots of music and drama and art and no uniform or homework. High school was a chore for the first few years, lots of big scary kids who I didn’t like and they reciprocated the feeling. Then moved to Byron Bay in year 9 and it all went much better then, back to art and drama and photos and music.

From the hours of 9am to 5pm, what do you get up too?

Either working in café or working on The Paper Scissors’ stuff. Lately working on our tour with Bluejuice.

Where can people see you perform?

With Bluejuice, somewhere near you.

For love or money?

HA HAHAHAH!!!! Well we’re definitely not making any money, it is for the love.
It’s all worth it when things go right and the audience gives the love back!

The Paper Scissors with Bluejuice

What future endeavors are in the pipeline?

New songs, new remixes & new clips. I’m going to record an EP as Pork Pies, my solo incarnation.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Making music, in love, making art, writing, not working a day job, maybe living in another country for a while & learning another language.

If you could invite 3 people to chat over coffee, who would they be & why?

Darondo (he’s this 70’s soul star, he was a pimp, then went on to have a music career and
a TV show, he is doing come back shows in the US at the moment, he is hilarious, look him up on YouTube), ahhhh….

Bowie, because I would like to meet him and suck his brain, and maybe Julian Barrett from the mighty boosh, because I reckon he’d be cool and could talk about music for hours. But I would give you a different answer tomorrow. I think my friends would give me just as good a conversation though.

Coffee or Tea?

Tea. I love coffee, but if I had to choose one forever, it’d be tea. There is so much comfort in tea and so much more time. Coffee is more like a really pop song, where tea is like a whole great album.

Who is Guillermo Habacuc Vargas?

Now, I am yet to see a proper news article on this written by reputable news outlet, but this is the internet so anything can be seen as real.

So the story is this. A man named Guillermo Habacuc Vargas, allegedly exists, and allegedly did an art installation where he tied up a stray dog as Art and it died. What his alleged point was, is that there are thousands of dogs around Costa Rica dying every day and nobody cares.

Now first off, I am a dog lover, I have a dog, and it’s like a best friend.
So I should be appalled and shocked at this. I should call for this man to be murdered the same way that poor dog died. I should help organise a lynch mob to hunt this evil demon down and string him up.

In the event that this story is true, I will raise my hand and say yes I think it is awful, it was cruel like life is, and that the dog was poor and defenceless and the man had no right to torture it for arts sake, I will raise my hand and say, this is not art. Guillermo Habacuc Vargas could have taken photos of stray dogs, he could have filmed them, and he could have done all sorts of other things that would have conveyed the same message without degrading the living and the dying.

But will you raise your hands and say, people die in Iraq everyday for a war on oil, or hundreds of people die making the shoes you wear, the gold around your neck or coffee you drink, yet you are more likely to get upset and outraged about a stray dog dying in a gallery.

We consumers are as much to blame about this as this alleged artist is. Check out the full article here.

– Written by David Goldberg.

Schools’ Plant Science Competition 2008

Are you a student or teacher looking for a hands-on, exciting and rewarding plant science activity that you can do at school or home? Would you like to develop skills in science and research methods, mathematics, problem solving, data collection, report writing, team work and communication? Well, this competition is for you! Get ready to learn more about field crops, science, agriculture, the environment and much more.

The competition closing date has been extended by one week to Friday 23 May 2008. Check out this wonderful website for students who want to join one of many science competitions Australia wide running throughout 2008. The Schools’ Plant Science Competition 2008 runs as follows.

Experiment 1: Design your own experiment to test the germination rate of two packets of sorghum seeds. You can also do this test on any other seeds (e.g. flowers or vegetables). Do some research into the importance of seed viability and establishing robust field crops.

Experiment 2: Using instructions provided, grow a high and low-density crop of sorghum and observe what happens to the plants. Do some research into the consequences a high or low population density crop could have for a farmer.

Fun test (optional): Can you sprout it? Search your garden shed for the oldest seeds you can find and try to germinate them. If you find the oldest seed that germinates, you will win a prize!

Compile all your research, experiment details, observations and findings into a project report and submit to DPI&F Hermitage Research Station by the closing date (16 May 2008).

Drawing competition (optional) – years prep to 7: Bring a seed to life this year by creating your best drawing or painting of a cartoon character seed, complete with super-hero style name! Prizes will go to the students with the best artwork in each year level.

For more information email:  kerrie.rubie {at}

Byron Underwater Festival 2008

The 2008 Byron Underwater Festival will be held from Wednesday the 30th of April to Sunday the 4th of May 2008 in Byron Bay, the most easterly point of the Australian mainland.

Check out the winning photos of the underwater photo shoot-out competition from 2007 as well as some photos from the Marine Visions Art Competition 2007.

The Byron Underwater Festival is aimed at everyone wanting to experience our marine environment for themselves. Participate – whether you want to learn more about it, dive it, snorkel it, kayak it … or even paint it.

What will be happening ?

– Underwater photo & video shootout – 4 days – over $20,000 prizes

– Snorkel tours – snorkel with turtles at Julian Rocks discover the wreck of the Tassie II

– Olympus Underwater camera try-outs

– Australian Premiere of SHARKWATER

– Introduction to SCUBA – resort dives – blow bubbles for the first time at Julian Rocks become inspired

– Kayaking with dolphins – including information sessions on dolphin biology and more

– Marine wildlife and artists presentations

– Underwater Photography Workshops with Mathieu Meur

– Underwater film screenings

– Underwater art competition

Hardware Gallery

Two Flat Whites is proud to support the Hardware Gallery. They have a new exhibition about once a month with a focus on young and emerging artists.

In addition to there exhibitions, Hardware Gallery also offers a wide range of art services. With over ten years of experience servicing artists, collectors, businesses, students and the public, Hardware has experties in a wide range of areas. From framing family photos, to handling and installing collectable artworks, Hardware’s Art Services Team is uniquly qualified, professional and friendly.

263 Enmore Road
Enmore NSW 2024
Ph 02 9550 4595
hardwaregallery {at}

Opening hours – 11am – 5pm – Tuesday to Saturday

Little gems in Sydney’s west!

Two Flat Whites has been on the hunt to find our best restaurants. We have been licking our lips & over the coming months, we will rate Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane’s best restaurants not only by quality & service, but also by location & price. If you have a suggestion, let us know.

The following restaurants are little gems. All are hidden wonders in Sydney’s west. All have demonstrated great service, tasty food & all of this at a great price. There is something here for every taste.

Let them know that Two Flat Whites sent you.

Ani – American Restaurant
86 Blaxland Rd
Ryde NSW 2112
Phone (02) 9808 1944

Fortune8 – Yum Cha Restaurant
Shop 1, 44 Park Rd,
Cabramatta NSW 2166
Phone (02) 9727 8988

El Jannah Lebanese Charcoal Chicken
4-6 South St
Granville NSW 2142
Phone (02) 9637 0977

Pendle Hill 888 Asian Food Restaurant
146 Pendle Way
Pendle Hill NSW 2145
Phone (02) 9688-3388

Bai Bua – Thai Restaurant
20 Woodriffe St
Penrith NSW 2750
Phone (02) 4722 8422

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