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Bay Run fun run 2008

The Bay Run fun run is a community event that brings people together in the name of health, fun and exercise. Whether you’re a walker, runner or just beginning a fitness program, there are events for everyone. Enter a team if you have three friends who can keep up. Or bring along your dog and take on the challenge of “fastest dog in the Inner West”.

The Bay Run course follows the shores of the beautiful Iron Cove in Sydney and is approximately 7 kilometres in length. Two Flat Whites is getting behind this event as we did last year. Join the Two Flat Whites team on the day. Find out more right here.

The Ray Mann Three

The Ray Mann Three is those guys in the corner: sitting, jamming, sketching with soulful strokes; inhabiting a world of their own, but inviting you to visit – and maybe stay awhile… Vintage threads and stripped-back sounds: The Ray Mann Three’s sound whispers its love of folks like D’angelo, Al Green and The Beatles – but listen a little closer: it hints at so many others too…

Singer/guitarist Ray Mann (ex-lead guitarist with Sydney band Kid Confucius), drummer Bart Denaro (who continues to play in Kid Confucius), and bassist Byron Luiters (who also plays with pretty much everyone else in town) have created a special place together in The Ray Mann Three: a space where their collective musical style is boldy minimal yet surprisingly full, startlingly dynamic yet warmly intimate.

The band played its first show in February 2005 at Sydney’s Tonic Lounge (where the band still continues to play, once a month, to this day). After three years of developing their songs, not in rehearsal but in front of audiences in the secret night spots and lounge bars of Sydney’s inner city, the Men decided to document the best of their original work before going any further.

The resulting debut album, “The Ray Mann Three”, was recorded in three days, live to tape, at Sydney’s Electric Avenue studios, and produced by Buchman (a.k.a. Tony Buchen). Released in April 2008, “The Ray Mann Three” is simply the sound of three guys in a room – and in a moment.

The Rocks Aroma Coffee Festival 2008

The Rocks Aroma Coffee Festival 2008 is the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. With Australians consuming an average of 2.4kg of coffee per person per year, it’s no wonder a celebration of coffee is one of the biggest events on the Sydney calendar.

Mark your diary for a day of indulgence in heavenly treats at The Rocks Aroma Festival – for lovers of coffee, fine chocolate, tea and spice – with atmospheric live entertainment throughout the day from 10am to 5pm. Make your first stop the coffee roasters at First Fleet Park or George Street, where you can pick up a freshly brewed cup of coffee for just $1.

Take your pick of coffee from boutique roasters or the larger coffee houses, or enjoy comparing the different roasts as you wander through Sydney’s heritage quarter. Coffee in hand, stroll on to the Lifestyle Forecourt near the Overseas Passenger Terminal to enjoy live music entertainment or pick up some tips and ideas on cooking with spices and chilli at the free cooking demonstrations.

With an enticing array of chocolate, tea, spice and all things nice, The Rocks Aroma Festival is paradise for the senses. Those with a penchant for something sweet should head to the mouth-watering Chocolatiers’ Boulevard and wander among stalls laden with all things nice from chocolate-dipped strawberries and cute cupcakes to decadent fudge and old-fashioned treats.

APRA Music Awards 2008

No doubt about it, Daniel Johns is the darling of Australian rock’n’roll. His mantlepiece already groaning with ARIA Awards, last night the flamboyant frontman of the Newcastle trio Silverchair cemented his place in Australian songwriting history, being named APRA songwriter of the year a record third time.

‘Straight Lines’, which he co-wrote with Julian Hamilton, of the Presets, also won Johns APRA (Australasian Performing Right Association) awards for song of the year and most played Australian work.

The swag of awards reinforced Johns’s return to centre stage, following his struggle with depression and anorexia in the late 1990s and treatment for a rare form of arthritis in 2002. Read the full article here.

Song of the year: Straight Lines by Silverchair

Songwriter of the year: Daniel Johns

Breakthrough songwriter of the year: Sally Seltmann

Blues and roots work of the year: Good Excuse by The John Butler Trio

Fashion Tips For Men!

Looking your best will make you feel more confident in a business or social situation. How you present yourself correlates well with how you feel about yourself. If you don’t appear to think much of yourself, don’t expect others to. The women you will want to meet in the professional world know how a man should dress and are more attracted to one who meets those expectations. Disappoint them, and you will disappoint yourself.

My goal is always controlled originality; noticeably different, but not too far out of the box. And never forget: You must be the man you appear to be, or the clothes will do nothing for you beyond that first impression. Women know how to match colours, and so should you. If this is a problem for you, get help from a woman. None of the fashion tips that follow will mean anything if you wear mismatched colours. Read the full article with our friends at Princess Fashion House right here.

Dark Circus 2008

All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane (2007)

Two Flat Whites recently viewed a wonderful little Aussie flick titled ‘All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane (2007)’. Anthea (Charlotte Gregg) is in her early twenties, single, hates her job & all her friends are leaving Brisbane. Should she follow the herd to Sydney or London? Is there anything worth staying for now that her best friend Michael finally has a girlfriend? This film tells a universal story about finding your place and yourself.

The leading lady Charlotte Gregg, who plays Anthea does a fantastic job portraying a young woman who has grown up in a close nit neighbourhood. She has a great job & good friends, the issue for Anthea is that all her friends have moved on with there lives either travelling or by getting married & Anthea faces the realization that she needs to make some life decisions that will move her out of her comfort zone.

The leading guy Matt Zeremes, who plays Anthea’s best friend Michael, has been hanging on to the fact that he loves Anthea more than just a friend. Situations come to a head through a drunken encounter & Michael is the typical nice guy in the film.

The supporting cast was very good, including Tyson (Ryan Johnson), Michael’s best mate & underbelly star Gyton Grantley, who plays Anthea’s boyfriend. The movie was well written by Stephen Vagg & many young Australians will certainly be able to relate to this movie. Special mention must also go to Director Louise Alston who brought the best out of the young cast. Grab yourself a copy & watch the flick!

Movie reviewed by Liam Gibbs.

Daryl Braithwaite talks with Two Flat Whites!

One of the legends of Australian rock is back! Klaus from Two Flat Whites recently had a chat to Daryl to talk about the music industry & his new acoustic album. Daryl Braithwaite is an Australian icon. He is best known as the lead vocalist of the former Aussie band ‘Sherbet’. Daryl has also sustained a successful solo career, placing 15 singles in the Australian top 40, including the number one hits ‘You’re My World’ & ‘The Horses’.

What challenges are there being a solo artist?

All the usual demands that you would like to think just happen but don’t and being in some ways alone…but not lonely.

Name a musician or band, past or present, which you enjoy and think more people should be listening to?

Sneaky Sound System and Green Day.

What aspect of making music excites you the most right now?

The live aspect has so much appeal as it is instant.

When was the last time you wrote a song? Where did you write it?

5 years back, started it in Longreach QLD

What do you think of the “idol” phenomenon?

It’s a daunting prospect for the participants as they go directly to ‘go’ and possibly miss out on all the GOOD/BAD stuff, which is called experience.

As a musician, are you happy now that there is no smoking in pubs?

I prefer it most definitely yet, it’s sought of weird to see how it upsets two members in my band.

We hear you have an acoustic record coming out; can you tell us a bit about it?

Yes, it’s due for release in mid September. David Campbell and Dale Kruse are playing acoustic guitar and grand piano respectively, it will have 12 tracks, taken from when Dale and I use to play at the Lemon Tree Hotel in Carlton, Melbourne. Also, the early Sherbet period and my solo songs.

Why did you decide after all these years to do an acoustic record?

Ummm… Firstly to have my association with Dale Kruse {1987} and later with David Campbell documented for historic reasons and then to also enable me to play at the Day on the Green gigs!

Will you be touring nationally once the record is released?

Yes, ideally it will be limited to a couple of gigs per state.

Finally, if you could invite any 3 people to dinner (dead or alive) who would they be?

Aung San Suu Kyi
Osama bin Laden
Barack Obama

This interview has been dedicated to our good friend Kathy. We hope you enjoy it!

Swap My Style – a breath of fresh air for fashion!

Our good friends at Swap My Style are providing a much needed service for the women of Australia & a breath of fresh air for the Australian fashion industry. Swap My Style events allow you to swap fashion items that you no longer wear. Upgrade, update and refresh your wardrobe without feeling guilty! Swap My Style is the latest trend among the seriously style savvy.

Somewhere in your overflowing wardrobe sits a pair of shoes you never actually got around to wearing. You notice the amazing dress you wore to your best friend’s wedding that you can’t possibly be seen in again! Your top shelf displays a bag your mum bought you for Christmas that just isn’t your style. Don’t forget the one size too small jeans you bought on sale over one year ago that you promised yourself you would get into before summer. Sound familiar?

Most of us love to shop. We all have things in our wardrobe that we really don’t need. Swap My Style invites you to be a part of the latest trend amongst the seriously style savvy! Swap My Style allows you to replace these items with different pieces that refresh and update your wardrobe. At Swap My Style events you can bring up to 5 new or pre worn fashion items that you no longer wear or use. For each item you will receive a token that can be used to obtain a new item. In addition, all unclaimed items from the event are donated directly to charity.

Check out an event near you! For questions about upcoming Swap My Style events or general customer service.

email: info {at}
ph: 1300 765 118

Creepy – Let’s Start a Fire!

Creepy is having a show in Perth, entitled Let’s Start a Fire! It runs 25th of June ’til 11th of July at the Keith + Lottie Gallery. Also, why not visit Creepy’s website.

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