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The Grates rock!

For The Grates’ debut album Gravity Won’t Get You High (2006), their signature animal was the giraffe. It was a fitting match: that year, the album towered over all other beasts, made mammoth strides, and won the affection of the people, both here and abroad. Two years later, The Grates present their second album, Teeth Lost, Hearts Won: an entirely different animal altogether.

“If Teeth Lost, Hearts Won was a beast, I imagine it’d be like something from Where the Wild Things Are,” Patience says. “They’re big and scary. But they’ve also got this sensitivity, and pick up the little kid and protect him.” Alana thinks. “Or maybe the griffin in Alice in Wonderland,” she says. “He’s like a lion and eagle together, but a really gentle creature.”

The reputation of The Grates for their amazing live shows precedes them, with their recent tour, shows all around Australia sold out. We at Two Flat Whites love the sounds of The Grates. They have alot of energy & they’re music is fresh & upbeat. They are busy over the summer break with plenty of live performances including the Falls Festival & Big Day Out in every state. Check out some of there music & upcoming shows right here.

designTECH exhibition 2008

The 2008 designTECH exhibition showcases outstanding major design projects by Higher School Certificate students of Design and Technology from across NSW. This annual exhibition features, furniture, fashion, graphic design, architecture and industrial design.

Powerhouse Museum, 20th December 2008 to 18th March 2009.

ATOM Awards 2009 – Call for entries

The ATOM Awards were established in 1982 by the Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) – an independent, non-profit association promoting media education and screen literacy in primary, secondary and tertiary education and the broader community.

Each year, the ATOM Awards recognise excellence in over thirty categories of Film, Television, Animation and Multimedia and celebrate the very best of Australian and New Zealand production.

The call for entries for the 2009 ATOM Awards will open on Monday 1st December 2008. Download the call for entries online here or pick up a copy with your issue of Metro Magazine, Screen Education or Encore. Entry forms will also be available from selected cinemas, cafes and universities in your capital city.

What’s On This Week?

Whether you’re from the city, the burbs, interstate or rural Australia we have something for you! Check out below with What’s On this week! If you would like to promote an upcoming event, let us know, email us & we’ll help you get the word around town.

National Poetry Slam Grand Final

Country Culture Community – Indigenous Art at the Art Gallery of NSW

Human Rights Arts & Film Festival 2008

Dine Out to Help Out – StreetSmart Australia

Bondi Short Film Festival 2008

Melbourne 2008 Homeless World Cup


Young Cherry Festival 2008


Adelaide International Guitar Festival 08

Big Green Festival 2008

Wakes Me Into – Art Exhibition for charity

The Square (2008)

Nash Edgerton has his first go behind the camera as director of The Square. Written by the director’s brother Joel Edgerton & Matthew Dabner, this Australian film is a black comedy with plenty of mystery, intrigue & by the seat of your pants action.

The film begins with the audience being introduced to three couples. First, there’s building & construction manager Ray (David Roberts) & his socially egotistic wife Martha (Lucy Bell). Their marriage is shaky, Ray is having an affair & when Martha finds out there is hell to pay.

Carla (Claire Van Der Boom), is having the affair with Ray, she works as a hairdresser & is game to be cheating on her husband, Smithy (Anthony Hayes), who is a local thug with a 1980’s mullet & one short fuse. All Carla wants is to run away with her lover and live happily ever after. Smithy has a bagful of cash from a recent robbery stashed away in the roof of the house, & against his better judgment Ray joins her in a scheme to get hold of the loot.

To do so, they have to enlist a second local crook, Billy (Joel Edgerton), a low-life arsonist who shares Smithy’s fashion sense but not his fearsome nature. Billy’s housemate & confidant is Lily (Hanna Mangan-Lawrence), his skittish little sister. I initially mistook these two for another pair of lovers, but since Mangan-Lawrence is just 16, I’m happy to stand corrected.

Throughout the film, Ray’s decisions turn from bad to worse, the plot keeps you guessing, there is just the right mix of humour, the characters intriguing & the acting is superb. The Square is an Australian film which is not only very well made but entertaining as well.

Article written by Steve Elias

2threads fashion awards – hurry!

There’s only a week left to vote for your favourite designers for the Australian Fashion Awards. Make sure you make your vote count. Click on the link at the top of the page and get voting!!!!

Voting ends on Monday 1st December at 5pm EST.

By casting your vote, you also get the chance to win heaps of great prizes from 2threads.

Also, RSVP for the Australian Fashion Awards event by emailing your name and your friends’ to RSVP {at} 2threads(.)com. Event will be held at Bungalow 8, on Wednesday December 3rd. There will be door prizes along with heaps of free goodies on the night. Everyone’s welcome so don’t miss this great event.

Taking Stock of Stock Photos

As a photo editor and designer, we always have to ask the question ‘Where do I get the right pictures from?’ Until recently we used the traditional stock photo houses like ‘Getty images’, ‘Corbis’, ‘Jupiter images’, Alamy, etc. However we decided to explore the microstock world a little and was quite surprised about the quality of the pictures available on microstock. What we see as a problem of microstock sites is that the content of the microsites is very similar – you will find the same pictures on Dreamstime as on Stockxpert, Fotolia etc. We have listed my favourite microstock sites below – the 4 which are the most popular because they have the largest portfolios. We also added some smaller sites which we found interesting.

This article has been brought to you by our good friends at Design Federation. Read the full article here.

Two Flat Whites are excited to talk with author Will Elliott

As if Stephen King hasn’t already wiped the smile off many a circus-lover’s face, along comes Will Elliott and his novel The Pilo Family Circus – winner of the inaugural ABC Fiction Award. Elliot’s story is set in the generically familiar and seemingly benign suburbs of Brisbane, a most unlikely location for horror – or so you’d think.

Winner of 5 major literary awards & critically acclaimed in Australia & overseas. The Pilo Family Circus beat 900 entries from around Australia to become the inaugural winner of the ABC Fiction Award. It went on to be published in the UK & rewarded with a host of prestigious awards, establishing him as an important up & coming star of Australian fiction. Two Flat Whites are excited to talk with author Will Elliott.

Where did you grow up & where do you hang your hat?

I grew up in the northside of Brisbane, pure mortgage belt territory, and haven’t been away for longer than a week. Not quite how things had been intended to pan out, but what the hell, there are worse places.

In your own words, what do you do?

I somehow dodge necessities that prevent many others from pursuing dreams, I guess. This basically means I owe lots of people money.

Where did you learn your craft?

In the spare room at my parents’ house, in a dingy little apartment, in the messiest room in a pretty filthy sharehouse, etc. Still learning it, by the way… I think writing takes longer to master than a lot of other art forms, and often a first published novel just means you’re on the right track.

Who inspires you?

Musicians, actually, from folk music to metal. Tom Waits, Mike Patton, Nick Cave, Loreena McKennit are particular favourites. I listen to them while writing, sometimes.

Childhood Memories:

TV Show – The Young Ones. We could quote entire episodes before understanding many of the jokes.

Hobby – Cricket and chess.

Food – Lasagne, in honour of my childhood hero, Garfield the cat

Fear – I worried a lot about spontaneous human combustion, for a while there, after reading some sensationalized article about it.  Only felt safe in the bath.

People – They certainly played their part.

Defining moment – I dunno, must’ve copped a pretty bad head injury somewhere along the way.

Schooling memories, chore or cherished?

Suppressed, mostly. Probably means ‘chore’.

Where is the most beautiful place in Australia you have visited?

Fraser Island, swimming in the ocean while warm rain swept across the sea.

Are there any other young Australian Authors we should keep an eye out for?

Probably. You’ll find them at the local Centrelink. To be honest, I don’t know many. The serious ones are probably reclusive and actually spend time writing, the ones who like namedropping and getting drunk will all be out namedropping and out getting drunk. I guess keep an eye on magazines like Griffith Review, who frequently try exposing young authors.

From the hours of 9am to 5pm, what do you get up too?

Coffee, read, read, read, coffee, plead with collection agency, write, write, write, coffee, read, write. One sort of mini-session of writing in the morning, editing yesterday’s progress and trying to clock up a thousand new words, then hopefully a longer session that night, taking the daily tally beyond 4,000. That’s the ideal, not always lived up to, and depending on how much life intrudes.

For love or money?

According to my bank account, it’s love.

What future endeavours are in the pipeline?

Right now I’m working on a trilogy, more sort of ‘mainstream’ fantasy, because I’ve had trouble selling the more quirky, experimental stuff. It’s kind of a new one for me, coming up with one extremely long story broken into 3 parts, but it’s proving to be fun. It’s also the first time I’ve been able to use fantasy devices without feeling just a touch self-conscious about it, which is liberating. Dragons and gods and whatnot, they’re pretty cool to play around with, really. There’s a memoir coming out not too far away, too, with ABC Books, called ‘Strange Places’.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Yikes. I dunno, 5 years ago I was wanting to be anywhere but Brisbane, now I’m not wanting to be anywhere else, at least not permanently.

If you could invite 3 people to chat over coffee, who would they be & why?

Mervyn Peake, so I could ask him about his writing methods; David Kowalski, who wrote a masterpiece called “The Company Of The Dead”; and maybe Sara Douglass, so I could ask her about pacing a trilogy.

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee and lots of it.

Two Flat Whites – get involved!

What is Two Flat Whites?

Here at Two Flat Whites, we’re all about giving creative types the chance to share their talent with the world.  Two Flat Whites focuses on discovering, promoting & nurturing Australian talent. Whether you are a budding young writer, fashion designer, artist, photographer, musician, restaurateur, chef or film maker this is the network for you!

Our website is full of lively reviews of films, music and restaurants; information about upcoming events, interviews with talented individuals from a range of industries; and lots of creative opportunities & competitions.

Two Flat Whites encourages submissions of articles on a variety of topics from young writers. The topics currently written on encompass film, fashion, design, art, food, lifestyle, music & even politics.

The website is gathering a steady following, boasting over 150,000 readers a month. Well, that many people can’t be wrong, can they? But don’t take our word for it. Have a look and decide for yourselves.

The name – Two Flat Whites?

One bright sunny day a couple of mates were sitting outside in the backyard sipping on a cold glass of lemonade. We wanted to help out a number of our friends who were very talented in there own right, one was a musician, another an artist & there were many more; who had one thing in common. They all explained how difficult it was to showcase their work & get there foot in the door!

On this afternoon, the idea of a website to support young Australian talent was created. Networks with businesses, government, clubs, restaurants, magazines, art galleries, online publications & festivals would need to be established. A clean white napkin was brought to the table and a number of names were written down. Some were good, some not so good.

The name would need to encompass all of the categories that the site was supporting. A coffee shop is a place where people often meet & talk about a range of different topics. The coffee shop & variations just didn’t seem to be very original, so as name after name was written down, as the sun was setting, the night air seeping through the trees and the lemonade reaching its climax, the name Two Flat Whites was written on the napkin & so Two Flat Whites was born!

Supporting the wider community

Two Flat Whites is a non for profit organisation and is proud to support not only talented Australians trying to showcase their work, we also use our powers for good & support many charities & local community events. At Two Flat Whites we believe that we can all do little things that help. Together those little actions make this a better world.

We understand that many people, like us, want to work for stronger communities and a more tolerant, inclusive and compassionate society. We also understand it’s often difficult to find enough time to do the things that are important to us. So here are a number of ways you can help us out.

We encourage direct donations. Your donations will go to fund innovative projects to help support young Australians & the wider community. Please donate by sending an email. We also need support with our website. If you are a writer who can spare some time to write a regular article, or even write on an ad-hoc basis, please put your hand up, we need your help.

Dine Out to Help Out – StreetSmart Australia

You have up until Christmas! StreetSmart is urging diners to eat out at their local participating restaurants and add a $2 or more voluntary donation to their table’s bill to help raise funds for charities in surrounding areas.  I encourage people to make the choice to dine out at participating restaurants and contribute to the campaign. It’s a simple action that really has big impacts for those on the fringes of our community.

One hundred percent of the money raised helps to fund a diverse range of projects and services including food, shelter, and longer term projects that ultimately assist disadvantaged people to reconnect with their community.

With over 225 participating restaurants this year, 2008 should see an increased impact for people experiencing homelessness. StreetSmart has made it even easier for diners to support the program this year by mapping participating restaurants and previous beneficiaries …So dine out to help out now.

Launched in 2003, StreetSmart Australia was formed to support and strengthen smaller, grassroots community organisations that help the homeless. These smaller organisations are critical in helping people in crisis. The StreetSmart campaign has continued to grow in support and revenue raised, from $16,574 in is first year in Melbourne, to $224,000 from over 185 restaurants last year in VIC, NSW/ACT and QLD. StreetSmart helps out by raising funds and delivering financial grants, raising community awareness of the issues of homelessness and assisting these organisations to connect across their communities.  To date StreetSmart has raised and distributed over $485,000.

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