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Archive for February, 2010

Sydney Applications now open for the Finders Keepers

Hats: An Anthology by Stephen Jones

The Queensland Art Gallery will be the exclusive Australian venue for a spectacular exhibition exploring the art of millinery. ‘Hats: An Anthology by Stephen Jones’ is the result of a collaboration between London’s Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) and one of the world’s foremost milliners, Stephen Jones. Read more about the Hats exhibition»

Commonwealth Writers Prize Opens New Chapter for 12 Authors of the South East Asia and Pacific

Internationally recognised for propelling authors into the literary spotlight, the shortlist for the regional winners from South East Asia and Pacific has been unveiled in the race to win the influential 2010 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize. Offering an exceptional opportunity for new writers to demonstrate their talent and for authors already on the literary scene to strengthen their reputation – writers across the region – are in pole position to compete with the best authors from, Africa, Caribbean and Canada and South Asia and Europe to win the coveted prizes of the Commonwealth’s Best Book and Best First Book. Read who was shortlisted»

Townsville QLD has plenty to offer!

After precipitating we follow our set course to sea, starting at its Ross River dam, we slither through kilometers of gallery forests where birds chirp intrinsically.  As gravity decides our direction we can see an abundance of culture and life; joggers, strollers, rowers, water skiers, cyclists, fishers and the occasion youth trying to take it all in and show it around with a camera.  We pass Castle Hill where hiking and 360 degree views reign.  We flow through the old train yard and the smell of booming residence is rich.  Here we split the right stream meanders out to sea but the left stream pumps through the heart of the city.

By day commerce fills the Flinders Street Mall.  By night social activities take hold we can see the ever popular Palmer Street known for its restaurants and jazz bands.  Its older sister Flinders Street East resides on the opposite side of the bank where clubs, pubs and bars are frequented by the local youths, students and army population. In between these street yachts and catamarans bob up and down and we welcome their interest in us with claps against their hulls.  At day they sail out to the Magnetic Island with its green and lushes forests and beautiful beaches.

We pass the port of Townsville, pass the breakwater and drift to the left.  With a single glance we can see the Strand.  People sit on the dunes with dogs, children, fish and chips while seagulls glide in front of them in cool off-shore winds.  As I evaporate out at sea, I recognise my necessity here and I hope I will visit again.

Article written by Chris Jensen

Et Voila! & The Last Sky books sent out!

Our competitions for the Et Voila! & The Last Sky books have now closed. Thank you to everyone that entered we had an overwhelming response. The winners are listed below and your prizes will be sent this week. Thanks again to Fremantle Press for your generous support!

Et Voila! cookbook

M.Tony – Bracken Ridge, QLD
K.Cooper – Seacombe Heights, SA
S.Timms – McDowall, QLD

The Last Sky book

B.Coyne – Dianella, WA
L. Warren – Brookfield, VIC
P. Cartright – Kings Langley, NSW

The Australia Project

The Australia Project is a series of creative initiatives dedicated to exploring the national Australian identity. How many of us have asked the questions; Who are we? What are we doing here? Where are we going? Do we even belong here? For each of these questions there are potentially 22 million unique responses, answers and opinions.

The Australia Project is asking Australian creatives and the general public, to engage in a national debate regarding the current status of contemporary Australian culture. They are seeking to explore and redefine clichéd national stereotypes in the hope of revealing unique and personal perspectives on Australia today.

The Australia Project is encouraging this debate by organising initiatives such as creative voices, workshops and visions. Works will be exhibited on our мебель в болгарииOnline Gallery as well as a curated selection being included in the travelling Australia Project exhibition. The results of The Australia Project will be curated and presented at the AGIdeas 2010 International Design Week, 26th to 29th April 2010.

Friends of the Federation

Celebrating three years of dedication to the Australian design community, Design Federation is hosting its inaugural event on Friday the12th of February. In honour of the website’s dedicated readership and supporters from the local and web community, the Design Federation founders, Klaus and Craig, chose the theme of this Chinese New Year – the year of the Tiger – to capture the spirit of creativity, courage and tenacity.

Extending an open invitation to the followers of the site to contribute their artistic creations to an exhibition showing throughout the night, utilising the unique venue space of theclub nightclub in Sydney’s Kings Cross, in what the organisers have dubbed Friends of the Federation.

Calling out to readers for submissions of their designs, illustrations, art, graffiti, film & video, fashion, photography, industrial design, custom toys, animation or any other artistic contribution, the Design Federation have been overwhelmed in recent weeks by the tremendous outpouring of talent and generosity, making for a fascinating collection on show for one night only.

With Tiger Beer and Bogong Valley Estate Winery sponsoring drinks, be sure to arrive early so you don’t miss out. If the old worldly charm of the venue and the quirky crowd aren’t enough to peak your curiosity, Julie Doye, pop art portrait artist and newest contributor to Paris Hilton’s personal art collection will be in attendance from 7:30pm painting personal one minute portraits of guests.

Prizes and giveaways will feature throughout the night, with Design Federation’s corporate supporters Sweat-Shop Productions and iStockPhoto digging deep to make the event a fantastic occasion for all involved.

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