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Archive for June, 2010

Claire McCarthy Interview

Our Brother Site, Design Federation did a fantastic interview with Australian Writer/Director Claire McCarthy about her film, The Waiting City and you watch it at Design Federation

Design Federation Photoshoot

Design Federation went a-walking on Saturday, through the gentrified fields of The Hawkesbury for our second photoshoot for The Federation Annual and it all went swimmingly. A little too much so for moi, who ended up in the drink after scaling across a mossy rock ledge with all the confidence of a Leyland Brother and all the skill of a cross-eyed emu.

Read all about the photoshoot at Design Federation

Bridget Pross’s Diary

After just a few moments in the company of Melbourne-based singer/songwriter, Bridget Pross, it becomes clear that she is a woman who fearlessly wears her heart on her sleeve. Some pessimists warn that it’s dangerous to display emotions out in the open as it leaves you exposed and vulnerable.  Bridget reckons these people worry too much.  “If you hurt me, it just don’t even hurt me,” she proclaims in a lyric from an upcoming single.

One marvels at how an isolated teenager from the remote town of Westerway in Tasmania has arrived at the age of 25 and in the possession of such self-assured exuberance.  With one album already released and a second currently being recorded, I meet with Pross just as she is busy packing her bags for Sydney, having just won an APRA-sponsored trip to attend music discussions and workshops at Song Summit 2010.  “Everything is happening at once,” Pross grins.  “I’ve had this massive spurt of creativity and I’m waking up with songs in my head.  It’s so good, it’s just happening, my music is happening.”  For the envious among us, the truth is that Pross’s road was not always paved with yellow bricks.  It’s just that she learnt how to put on a brave face and get on with it.

From a young age Pross knew that her destiny lay beyond the restrictive confines of Tasmania.  Life at home continuously presented difficult challenges: at the age of four Pross and her two year old sister went to live with their mother’s new partner, whom had 6 children from a previous relationship.  Though the household atmosphere was always lively and high-spirited – Pross’s new dad, who loved to sing, referred to himself as American folk hero Davy Crockett – Pross struggled to find her place within the new family and never felt completely accepted. Read the rest of Bridget Pross's Diary»

The Federation Annual – Call for Submissions

The rumblings have become deafening, good friends of the Federation, and at last we can go live with the news that Yes! the rumours are true, Design Federation will be releasing an inspiration book at the end of the year celebrating the collective creative coolness of our supporters, readers, fans and friends. Huzzah!

check out the rest of the info here

Dirty Hands – Torn Edges

Torn Edges is the Dirty Hands Collective’s 3rd group show, showcasing a wide array of printmaking practices commonly (and not so commonly) used today.

The exhibition is a collaboration between 9 talented young printmakers with a multitude of different aesthetic and conceptual practices, each testing the boundaries of their practice and taking printmaking to the cutting edge.

Dirty Hands have chosen to adopt the concept of torn edges for their show at Hardware Gallery. Referencing the deckled edge often seen in fine art printmaking, and also the tearing away from traditional practices of printmaking and testing new boundaries, playing with combinations of new and old techniques, whilst still retaining a love for quality fine art printmaking.

What: Dirty Hands – Torn Edges Exhibition
When: 22nd June to 10th July 2010
Where: Hardware Gallery – 263 Enmore Road Enmore
Ph: 02 9550 4595
Cost: Free

Vuvuzelas – Getting the Raw Horn.

If anyone has been watching SBS Sports coverage of the Fifa world cup, you will no doubt have heard the most annoying phenomenon to hit the sound waves since Lady Gaga, that’s right, its the mighty Vuvuzelas.

According to Wiki, “The vuvuzela (English pronunciation: /vuːvuːˈzeɪlə/) , sometimes called a “lepatata” (its Tswana name) or a stadium horn, is a blowing horn up to approximately 1 m (3 ft 3 in) in length. It is commonly blown by fans at football matches in South Africa”

But according to the millions of people watching the games in the comfort of their homes, the noise (which sounds like buzzing bees) is unbearable, with many people either turning the sound off and or turning the TV off altogether.

So what can we do to get FIFA to ban the Vuvuzelas ?

1. Contact SBS Television and complain

Phone: 1800 500 727 (toll free)
Email: comments {at}

2. Go to and sign the petition

3. #Vuvuzelas in your twitter posts and make NOISE!

Revelation – Perth International Film Festival

Rev is very much a work in progress. Since 1990, the event has developed from a range of alternative and independent screen culture activities and experiments to what is regarded as one of Australia’s most unique annual screen activities. Taking place in cinemas, bars and clubs around the country this strange brew embraced live music, performance, movies and all manner of strange and unusual activity.

Since 1997, audience figures for the event have increased at an average rate of 30% each year, rapidly outgrowing the intimate surrounds of the Greenwich Club. Today, the event includes in excess of 100 international films presented over 75 sessions at established cinema and nightclub venues across Perth. Revelation is Australia’s fastest growing annual film event.

It sees over 500 films submitted for selection from local and international filmmakers and includes an active, creative and argumentative screen conference component. Programmed as part of the Australian film festival season, Revelation actively interacts where possible with the Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and New Zealand International Film Festivals and a range of Australian screen culture organisations with program and print sources and curated projects and guests and as a result fills the gap in the development of a truly national independent screen community.

Revelation was (and still is)  concerned with the conservative nature of film distribution and exhibition practice in Australia. It has always sought to deliberately challenge current marketplace modes and biases through unusual and contextualised screening concepts, focused curation and active interaction with industry guilds, independent curators, the academic community and other Arts related activity and practitioners.

Revelation maintains its focus on progressive and inspiring works and embraces audiences of all ages, tastes and backgrounds. Like the films it presents, the event maintains an energy and enthusiasm for the industry quite unlike any other film festival in the country.

What: Revelation – Perth International Film Festival
When: 8th till 18th July 2010
Where: In & around Perth
Cost: Varies

CARE Australia – Supporting the wider community

Here at Two Flat Whites, we’re all about giving creative types the chance to share their talent with the world. Two Flat Whites focuses on discovering, promoting & nurturing Australian talent. Whether you are a budding young writer, fashion designer, artist, photographer, musician, restaurateur, chef or film maker this is the network for you!

Two Flat Whites are launching a series titled “Supporting the wider community”. The aim of this series is to help promote the need for the more fortunate to help out the less privileged in our society. We will be doing this by showcasing a number of charity organisations that Two Flat Whites supports.

We kick off with CARE Australia. They joined the CARE International family in 1987, led by former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser. Today, CARE Australia manages programs in over 20 countries. They focus on feeding the hungry in developing countries, pioneer primary health programs and respond with both emergency relief & long term agro-forestry projects.

Finding it a little difficult to find a present for someone special & want to step out of the box? CAREgifts are a fantastic solution. A CAREgift really does keep on giving. Your gift could provide endless benefits for a community and help alleviate poverty. With CAREgifts, lives are changing, people are becoming healthier, children are better educated and families are benefiting from higher incomes

Visit the CARE Australia website here.

Little Big Shots – Melbourne 9–14 June

Little Big Shots is Melbourne’s International Film Festival for kids. Now in its sixth year, it includes around 80 films from over 20 countries. The festival allows children to see international material that would never otherwise make it to Australia. A 10-member children’s jury will vote on their favourite films in two categories: the best Australian adult-made film and the best Australian child-made film. The winning films will be screened at the Little Big Shots. An Australia-wide tour of the festival follows.

Boy & Bear; New Aussie Band

Boy & Bear is a band from Sydney. The band encompasses a style with a combination of drivey indie folk and choral harmonies. Formed in 2009, Boy & Bear was the idea of front man Dave Hosking, who teamed up with the three other members, all singer / songwriters, to form the group. All the members originally fronted their own groups, and became friends after sharing the stage on many occasions. The band is made up of Dave Hosking, Killian Gavin (vocals/guitars), Tim Hart (drums/vocals/guitars), Jake Tarasenko (vocals/bass) & Jon Hart (vocals/keys/mandolin).

In October, 2009, the band was the ‘feature artist’ on radio Triple J’s Unearthed program. In December, 2009, they played at the Homebake rock festival, and were winners of the Unearthed Homebake competition. In 2010, they toured Britain with Laura Marling.

From the moment you first hear Boy & Bear, you’ll know they are something special, something different. Rich harmonies, music that breathes full of unexpected twists and imagination, a sophisticated timelessness. Boy & Bear will be hitting the road for their first headline tour in support of the release of their first debut EP, With Emperor Antarctica. Check out their tour schedule right here.

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