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Hanging On – The Hangover

The Hangover III



PLACE:LImelight Cinema 2

PIC: The Hangover III

PEEPS: 2 present

LImelight ads are sort of different.  Foxtel this time, plus a couple of ISPs.  Previews for The Heat (ill-matched cop buddy movie with women), Fast and Furious 6,  Grown Ups 2 (I’ll just say it includes Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock and David Spade before disinfecting the keyboard) and and Superman:  The Unpteenth Remake or whatever it’s called*.

“When I became a man, I put away these childish things**”.

This is number three in the franchise, as the title suggests, and it looks like it has run out of steam***.   Alan (Zach Galifianakis) has been off his medication for a while and is clearly becoming an ageing embarrassment to those around him.  Essentially, he’s a  non-too-stable 13-year-old in a chubby 42-year-old body.   So, naturally (this being the USA) his friends arrange an intervention where he is prevailed upon to enter treatment.  They (Bradley Cooper as Phil, Ed Helms as Stu and Justin Bartha as Doug) have all started to act like adults, and they offer to take Alan to the treatment facility.  Meanwhile, Lesley Chow (Ken Jeong) has staged a Shawshank Redemption escape from prison in Thailand.  Can we see where this is going? …Because if we can’t, we’re probably the target audience for a film like this****.


It’s not as vile as some reviews may have suggested.  There are some OK sight gags but they are overpowered by the racial/sexual overtones surrounding the treatment of Mr Chow***** and the mental condition of Alan.  It sets out to be a movie about Alan’s much delayed attainment of maturity.  By definition, this forces the other members of the group to emphasise safe, caring, suburban values.  In a way, the discomfort shown by Phil at some of the things said and done is as much about the fact that Bradley Cooper’s career has moved on and up and that returning to this particular bowl of nonsense isn’t likely to do him any good.  Ed Helms has a growing status as a character actor but it is difficult to see where Galifianakis can go next.


Two flat whites.  The thing cost $62 million.




* – ok, I checked.  It’s called Man of Steel and gives Our Russ an opportunity to intone in a voice that could sell drinking chocolate to anyone.

** – I Corinthians 13:11

*** – with that said, even I could see a couple of start points for another one.  Don’t. Go. There.

**** – grubby minded teenagers fed up with constraints and having to do homework, and such.

***** – hint.  The fact that someone is Asian and effeminate does not make everything that person says or does funny.  And people with mental illness have not been used as sources of amusement for many years in some societies.

Rights! Comedy! Action!


Rights! Comedy! Action!  is coming to Sydney for May.  Hosted by ActionAid Australia it features an all-female line-up of Australians top comedy talents united to fight injustice with laughter as part of this year’s Sydney Comedy Festival

Judith Lucy, Wendy Harmer, Claire Hooper and Gina Yashere are all part of the show which is on at the Enmore Theatre on the 9th of May at 9.30pm.

ActionAid Australia’s Holly Miller says that Rights! Comedy! Action! is an exciting moment for Sydney, and for women’s empowerment internationally. “Laughter is a symbol of women’s empowerment, and we’re really excited to be working with the Sydney Comedy Festival and a group of such inspiring women to provide Sydney-siders with an opportunity to stand in solidarity with women all over the world, simply by coming along and laughing together.”

  ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights for all and defeat poverty. All proceeds from the event will go towards ActionAid’s work empowering women. 

Tickets are selling out, so hurry! Tickets are $39 or $34 for groups of 8 or more.                                                    

Fort more information or to book tickets go to ActionAid Australia’s website

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