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Two Flat Whites – get involved!

What is Two Flat Whites?

Here at Two Flat Whites, we’re all about giving creative types the chance to share their talent with the world.  Two Flat Whites focuses on discovering, promoting & nurturing Australian talent. Whether you are a budding young writer, fashion designer, artist, photographer, musician, restaurateur, chef or film maker this is the network for you!

Our website is full of lively reviews of films, music and restaurants; information about upcoming events, interviews with talented individuals from a range of industries; and lots of creative opportunities & competitions.

Two Flat Whites encourages submissions of articles on a variety of topics from young writers. The topics currently written on encompass film, fashion, design, art, food, lifestyle, music & even politics.

The website is gathering a steady following, boasting over 150,000 readers a month. Well, that many people can’t be wrong, can they? But don’t take our word for it. Have a look and decide for yourselves.

The name – Two Flat Whites?

One bright sunny day a couple of mates were sitting outside in the backyard sipping on a cold glass of lemonade. We wanted to help out a number of our friends who were very talented in there own right, one was a musician, another an artist & there were many more; who had one thing in common. They all explained how difficult it was to showcase their work & get there foot in the door!

On this afternoon, the idea of a website to support young Australian talent was created. Networks with businesses, government, clubs, restaurants, magazines, art galleries, online publications & festivals would need to be established. A clean white napkin was brought to the table and a number of names were written down. Some were good, some not so good.

The name would need to encompass all of the categories that the site was supporting. A coffee shop is a place where people often meet & talk about a range of different topics. The coffee shop & variations just didn’t seem to be very original, so as name after name was written down, as the sun was setting, the night air seeping through the trees and the lemonade reaching its climax, the name Two Flat Whites was written on the napkin & so Two Flat Whites was born!

Supporting the wider community

Two Flat Whites is a non for profit organisation and is proud to support not only talented Australians trying to showcase their work, we also use our powers for good & support many charities & local community events. At Two Flat Whites we believe that we can all do little things that help. Together those little actions make this a better world.

We understand that many people, like us, want to work for stronger communities and a more tolerant, inclusive and compassionate society. We also understand it’s often difficult to find enough time to do the things that are important to us. So here are a number of ways you can help us out.

We encourage direct donations. Your donations will go to fund innovative projects to help support young Australians & the wider community. Please donate by sending an email. We also need support with our website. If you are a writer who can spare some time to write a regular article, or even write on an ad-hoc basis, please put your hand up, we need your help.


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