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Restraint (2008)

When catching a film a thriller doesn’t really appeal to me. Restraint however is an Australian film & I do my best to watch as many Australian flicks as possible. Restraint in the opening five minutes draws you to the screen. What better way to catch your attention than a beautiful woman (Dale – played by Teresa Palmer), a dead body in the trunk of a car & a murder!

Picture – Teresa Palmer

The film is about a young lady (Teresa Palmer) who learns the lessons of life the hard way & realises that growing up is all about choices, making decisions. Her boyfriend (Ron – Travis Fimmel) is a murderer & they both get into trouble & decide to hide out in a near by town. The house they choose to ransack is occupied by a gentleman (Andrew – Stephen Moyer) who is afraid to venture outside. Andrew is kept hostage in his own home.

The story line is quite good with plenty of twists & turns. The flick keeps you on the edge of your seat. The young Australian cast make this film what it is. I can guarantee Teresa Palmer is destined for great things and she was well supported. (not that she needs a great deal of support  … you’ll see).

Restraint is a low budget Australian film but different. A great film, fantastic acting, wonderful story line and a tremendous ending. I thoroughly recommend Restraint for something a little different.

– Liam Gibbs

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