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Petrol prices

Another weekend and another round of price hikes at service station pumps.

With an election looming, Prime Minister John Howard says he’s willing to give the national competition watchdog greater powers to monitor oil companies amid claims of price-gouging.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) chairman Graeme Samuel has warned them they will face greater regulation if bowser prices fail to rise and fall in line with benchmark Singapore indicators.

Mr Howard agrees but adds that the Federal Government has no direct power to set prices. While these powers exist at a state level, the PM questions the wisdom of trying to control prices, saying “you might interfere with supply”.

But will shaming oil companies be enough to give motorists a fair go? Tell us what you think!

New League Film?

A new Rugby League film hit the screens recently at the Sydney Film Festival. The Final Winter, which stars Matthew Johns, Matt Nable – who wrote the film – and John Jarratt was a last-minute inclusion in the prestigious film event.

The story centres on a team loosely based on the Newtown Jets, a foundation NSW club that was kicked out of the main competition in 1983. A gritty league documentary proving popular with the audiences. “Whether you’re a rugby league fan or an AFL fan or union or soccer or whatever, what happens in this film is really a metaphor for what happened across all sport,” said Nable.

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Bonyi International Youth Music Festival

The Bonyi International Youth Music Festival is an exciting new week-long event for school-aged musicians and singers from around the world.

To be held in Brisbane, Australia over the period 1 – 6 July 2007, Bonyi will offer participation in the following areas:

– Orchestra
– Strings – orchestra/ensemble
– Symphonic Wind Band/Brass Ensemble
– Choral

It is intended that Bonyi will be held bi-annually and become Australia’s largest and best youth music event.

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Queensland Music Festival 2007

 The Queensland Music Festival will bring together several thousand Australian and international musicians to present a diverse program of performances to more than 100,000 people throughout Queensland.

Through the universal language of music, Queensland Music Festival will unite the disparate communities of our state in a celebration of the shared stories, cultures and experiences that epitomise the richness and diversity of Queensland’s musical and geographical landscapes.

In Brisbane, Queensland Music Festival will showcase the best of local, national and international musical talents in a program of musical excellence including old and new opera, classical recitals, jazz, chamber music, pop, rock and cross-cultural musical exchanges featuring indigenous musicians from Australia as well as our Pacific and Asian neighbours.

Performances will be staged at a number of venues throughout south-east Queensland, including QPAC, the Brisbane Powerhouse, La Boite’s Roundhouse Theatre, Queensland Conservatorium, Judith Wright Centre, Southbank Parklands, Customs House, Masonic Memorial Temple, University of Queensland, Jimbour House Ampitheatre and Caboolture Lakes.

Queensland Music Festival
Our State of Play
13 – 29 July 2007

Design Federation – a network for designers


The Design Federation was established to encourage and promote the Australian design and new media sector.

Design Federation hopes to be a resource where all contributors are valued and nurtured. In addition to the display of design news, the hub of the community is the Design Federation Forums. Registration is quick and easy, so sign up now!

If you are passionate about design, get involved. Sign up now!

Movie Review – Syriana

Written and directed by Stephen Gaghan who wrote ‘Traffic’, Syriana contains story lines in the same fashion. The focus is the oil industry and its political, social, personal and economical effects.

A great cast which includes George Clooney, Matt Damen and the fascinating Mazhar Munir (playing a Pakistani migrant worker). If you haven’t seen this guy in action, you are missing out……

A big movie 8.5 out of 10. Don’t miss it!!

Executive paid $33.5M last year!


Can you believe Allan Moss from Maquarie Bank was paid $33.5M last financial year. I know the corporation made billions in profit, but to pay one man so much in one year, it’s stupid….

Read more right here

Future Fund & the Government gets it wrong, again!

I couldn’t believe what I was reading when skimming through the newspaper tonight. The Howard Government has awarded the $51 billion Future Fund to be managed by a Foreign Bank.

The job of banking manager for the Future Fund will be worth about $30 million a year. The contract has been awared to a Chicago based firm called Northern Trust.

Now, please explain to me as to why the Howard Government would award this contract to a foreign investment firm? Not only is it the biggest single investment for the financial sector ever in Australian history, but was it not 3 weeks ago that Howard said we are leaps ahead of the world when it comes to our Finance Sector?

This is the biggest kick in the teeth to our Financial Sector & the general public so far by Howard. The number of jobs that could have been created.

Howard, resign now! You are an idiot……

Labor mobilises troops for propaganda war

Labor has begun mobilising its troops for a barrage of pre-election propaganda with members encouraged to target blogs and internet news sites.

As well as encouraging friends to sign up to an action email and donate online, Labor is urging them to hit their keyboards and debate the issues of the day.

The Liberals are also cooking up their own internet strategies for a poll expected in November. They have already created a “Labor Watch’` website and even drawn cartoons ridiculing their opponents.

The 2007 election promises to see the biggest web-based campaign yet seen in Australia.

Read more here

Independent Education Expo 2007


The Brisbane Independent Education Expo 2007 is a showcase of private, independent and Catholic schools as well as educational support organisations such as sporting, children’s health, tutoring and overseas exchange programs. Includes robotics demonstrations, face painting and craft activities for the children.

When       21 – 22 July 2007 from 10am
Where      Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Cost          Free
Contact    jeff {at}

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