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Mosman Art Prize 60th Anniversary

The Mosman Art Prize is the oldest, local government art award in Australia, offering an acquisitive ‘painting’ prize of $20,000, sponsored by Mosman Council, the Allan Gamble Memorial Art Prize of $3,000, the Viewers’ Choice Prize of $1,000, a Commendation Prize of $1,000, and a Young Emerging Artist’s Award of $1,000.

Many artists have boosted their careers through winning the prize and continue to submit new works each year. The Mosman Art Prize attracts a diverse and accomplished field of professional and amateur artists from all over Australia.

For many of these winning artists the Prize provided inspiration and encouragement to press on with their work, giving them recognition, and more often than not, crucial financial assistance.


Call for applications from Australian Producers
37 South: Bridging The Gap – 26-28 July.

This year in Cannes the Melbourne International Film Festival announced the establishment of Australia’s first international film forum within a festival environment. 37 South: Bridging the Gap will take place during the first few days of MIFF from 26th to 28th July 2007.

The event is designed to be serious in intent but informal in tone, and will bring together Australian feature film producers with a range of potential international and Australian financing and marketing partners.

Interview with designer – Cakes

‘Two Flat Whites’ takes time out to interview one of Sydney’s new up & comers in the design industry, ‘cakes’. Cakes is one of the founders of Kinski & Bourke who are a Sydney based team specializing in web design, print graphics & branding. You can contact them at Kinski & Bourke.

If you sign an autograph what do you write? And where do you call home?

I write and I call the outer urban sprawl of Sydney ‘home’.

In your own words, what do you do?

I work for the multi-national design conglomerate Kinski & Bourke – you may have heard of them. I hold the title Consultant Visual Specialist.

Childhood Memories:

TV Show –
Super Ted. What a fun programme!

Hobby –
I had a bug catcher that I enjoyed. I once raised a caterpillar, feeding it leaves from my mum’s garden. It wove itself a cocoon and a week or so later, out emerged a large moth.

Food –
Are we still talking about childhood memories? I guess my most fondly remembered childhood food-related moment is eating Golden Gaytime ice creams at Grandma’s.

Fear –

People –
My family I suppose.

Defining moment –
My childhood was fairly average… there were no defining moments.

Schooling memories, chore or cherished?

Memories of school are kind of a blur. I can’t really remember.

From the hours of 9am to 5pm, what do you get up to?

I wake up and commute to the offices of Kinski & Bourke. A meeting is held every morning at 9:47am sharp, to discuss the day ahead. From this point onwards, the day can go any number of ways… Sometimes it ends in tragedy. A lot of the day is spent not just performing graphic design, but idle chit-chats around the water cooler, or managing the ins and outs of K&B. For example, advertising strategies, etc.

We also deal with clients, which is almost a full-time job in itself. In this industry (much like any other industry) clients are both our best friends and our worst enemies. You have your hydraulic engineer hovering behind your shoulder attempting to release his inner Picasso, while you just want to design a simple, elegant and functional business card. JOKES. Jokes.

It’s great when the client articulates his or her design ideas and becomes involved in the process – it creates parameters through which the designer can work.

Where can people see your work?

At the Kinski & Bourke website.

For love or money?

There needs to be a happy medium. It helps to enjoy doing what you do, but on the other hand you also need to earn a crust.

What future endeavors are in the pipeline?

That’s a secret!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Earning gazillions of duckets!

If you could invite 3 people to chat over coffee, who would they be & why?

Anna Nicole Smith, John Howard and the Lord Jesus Christ. Anna Nicole because it would be fun to communicate with the dead. John Howard so we can discuss his retirement options and of course Jesus, because I’m Catholic.

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee thanks – white, two sugars.

Are models getting younger?

The fashion industry’s overarching body has supported restrictions on models younger than 16 working at fashion shows.

The manager of the Australian Fashion Council, Zoe Edquist, said events such as Australian Fashion Week and the Melbourne Fashion Festival were an “adult environment” and younger teen models should be chaperoned.

She was responding to an interim report released this week by the British fashion industry panel’s Model Health Inquiry that recommended banning models under 16 for London Fashion Week.

Do you think young girls should be able to model at Fashion Shows? Should there be an age limit? Or should we be addressing other more pressing issues when it comes to fashion? Have your say!

Read more here

Bankruptcy soars as city feasts on easy credit

Sydney has overindulged on a wave of easy credit causing bankruptcies to soar, according to new figures from the federal insolvency watchdog.

The bankruptcy figures give an insight into the widening chasm in a two-speed Sydney. Outer-ring areas such as Wollondilly and Holroyd have bankruptcy rates up to six times the national average, while in inner areas such as Ku-ring-gai, Mosman and Manly it is under half the national average.

Consumer advocates have warned of unscrupulous tactics adopted by some lenders. In an unpublished report to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, the Sydney-based Consumer Credit Legal Centre surveyed 14 borrowers who successfully refinanced home loans despite facing extreme financial difficulty.

Last month, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority reported one in four loans were being written by banks requiring repayments of at least 30 per cent of gross income – the definition of mortgage stress. Census figures show one-third of NSW homeowners are in mortgage stress.

This is a growing concern around Australia. Is the government doing enough to combat this problem? Have your say right here!

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Sydney 2007 Sexpo

The SEXPO Circus is coming back to Sydney, and this year’s SEXPO – Health, Sexuality, and Lifestyle Exhibition will be bigger and better than ever!!

SEXPO is not only an exhibition about sex, instead it is about Health, Sexuality and adult lifestyles. The name of the event is certainly indicative of the flavour of the event, but does not mean that SEXPO is just a sex exhibition.

Our exhibitor base is continually broadening and now incorporates companies from a wide range of fields, (these include but are not limited too) aviation, wine tasting, marine sports, spa pools, hair and make up artists, physical fitness equipment and many others that have helped increase and broaden the appeal of the event.

Join in the excitement at the Hordern Pavilion, Moore Park on the 26th to 29th July 2007. See more here

2007 NT Indigenous Music Awards

Welcome to the 4th Annual NT Indigenous Music Awards 2007 – Industry nominations are now open.

Covering the desert to the sea, and everything in between, the NT Indigenous Music Awards celebrate the Northern Territory’s music industry. The awards recognise excellence, dedication, innovation and outstanding contribution to the Territory’s music industry.

There are 10 Industry Award categories open for nominations:• Act of the Year • Album of the Year • Song of the Year • Emerging Act of the Year • School Band of the Year • DVD/Film Clip of the Year • Artwork & Design of the Year • Traditional Music Award • Hall of Fame (Central) • Hall of Fame (Top End).

Industry nominations can be made by NT residents WORKING IN ANY AREA OF THE NT MUSIC INDUSTRY. The closing date for Industry nominations is the 22nd July 2007.

See more here.

Restaurant 07

Restaurant 07 showcases over 20 free-to-attend talks and demonstrations which will take place each day of the event, providing expert advice from the industries best on business solutions, culinary techniques and product knowledge.

In Talk Business, visitors can listen to professional industry leaders provide simple business solutions to help their restaurant achieve greater profitability in interactive panel discussions covering a range of topics.

In Culinary Skills, presented by Comcater, top Australian and International chefs will be demonstrating skills and technology using new techniques and regional produce. Chefs including Martin Boetz, Longrain; Peter Gilmore, Quay; Warren Turnbull, Restaurant Assiette and Peter Kuruvita, Flying Fish will share their expertise in a number of skills.

Wine World offers educational discussions and wine tastings hosted by well respected sommeliers, wine experts and winemakers such as Chris Morrison, Huon Hooke, Peter Bourne, Franck Moreau, Ben Moechtar and Mac Forbes.

Come & join in the festivities at the Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park NSW from the 13th – 14th August 2007. Check out more here.

Smart Works Exhibition


Smart works displays the inspirational work of 40 Australian and New Zealand designers and makers. It explores the choices and challenges that each of these individuals has faced in putting their work into production.

For these people, their understanding of materials and technologies is essential to the success of their designs. They value skills and many have made lifelong commitments to a materials-based practice, often making one-off or limited series work for a specialised marketplace at home and overseas.

The Smart Works exhibition ends on the 19th August at the Powerhouse Museum.

See more here

Devonport Jazz Festival 2007

26, 27, 28 & 29 July

Devonport Jazz is an annual music festival in the city of Devonport on Tasmania’s Northwest coast. Featuring artists from interstate as well as Tasmania’s leading jazz musicians, Devonport Jazz is a celebration of all jazz genres – both old and new.

Devonport Jazz breaks the mould by incorporating elements of education, food, visual art, dance and film into the traditional jazz festival program. Take in a concert at the Devonport Entertainment & Convention Centre, or a show over breakfast, lunch or dinner at a range of cosy venues.

Read more here

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