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The Black Balloon (2008)

Two Flat Whites watched the film ‘The Black Balloon’ last week. This Australian movie is a good one. It won the Crystal Bear at the recent Berlin Film Festival. First-time co-writer & director Elissa Down has produced a wonderful film here.

It is set in suburbia Sydney & follows the adventures of the Mollison family. They travel a lot due to there father (Erik Thomson) being a sergeant in the army. Mum (Toni Collette) works hard & tries to do everything. She is also pregnant & soon discovers that some chores just need to be delegated. They have two sons, Charlie, (Luke Ford) who plays an autistic teenager. Luke shines on the screen with a brilliant acting display & has recently been rewarded in a Hollywood blockbuster soon to hit our screens as the new co-star in the Mummy trilogy.

The story follows Thomas (Rhys Wakefield) who plays the other son. Thomas goes through the typical hardships that most teenagers go through, peer pressure, love crushes & bullying. He also finds it increasingly hard to deal with the fact that his brother is autistic. He loves his brother dearly, & throughout the movie he learns to deal with this fact. I was taken by Rhys Wakefield who sparkles on the screen & this kid is one to watch! Jackie, (Gemma Ward), ex-model, also appears in the film & plays a fine cameo role as Thomas’ girlfriend.

This film is so much more than just about an autistic boy. It demonstrates beautifully what it can be like for teenagers growing up. It shows us the day to day challenges of a typical Australian family & how the Aussie spirit conquers all. The film portrays endless emotion & draws plenty of humour. Do yourself a favour, this is a must see!

– Liam Gibbs

Restraint (2008)

When catching a film a thriller doesn’t really appeal to me. Restraint however is an Australian film & I do my best to watch as many Australian flicks as possible. Restraint in the opening five minutes draws you to the screen. What better way to catch your attention than a beautiful woman (Dale – played by Teresa Palmer), a dead body in the trunk of a car & a murder!

Picture – Teresa Palmer

The film is about a young lady (Teresa Palmer) who learns the lessons of life the hard way & realises that growing up is all about choices, making decisions. Her boyfriend (Ron – Travis Fimmel) is a murderer & they both get into trouble & decide to hide out in a near by town. The house they choose to ransack is occupied by a gentleman (Andrew – Stephen Moyer) who is afraid to venture outside. Andrew is kept hostage in his own home.

The story line is quite good with plenty of twists & turns. The flick keeps you on the edge of your seat. The young Australian cast make this film what it is. I can guarantee Teresa Palmer is destined for great things and she was well supported. (not that she needs a great deal of support  … you’ll see).

Restraint is a low budget Australian film but different. A great film, fantastic acting, wonderful story line and a tremendous ending. I thoroughly recommend Restraint for something a little different.

– Liam Gibbs

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